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Vision of Unite Of Patriot Sansthan

In India, the population of lower middle class and unemployed youth are more than average. If we can bring both these categories to a suitable place on the economic parameter then surely India can be converted to a happy and prosperous country. More unemployment creates lower middle class families but if we can create a positive change in this category of people by closely observing their day-to-day activities, their lifestyle, their awareness upon their health, income generation, food, education and can bring a positive change on all these stages then a vast change can be brought among these categories that ultimately take India towards prosperity.

In fact, the economic standard of the all lower middle class people is perhaps same or is at same parameter. It′s not a survey or research, it′s a soul experience of an individual.

Day-to- day troubles in a Middle Class Family:


Through the people of these categories are aware about their health but up to that level which can bring prosperity and happiness to them.

The average age limit of Indians is 60 years which is less than people of other countries like America, Japan, China and Russia. Now-a-days, by the age of 40 years approximately, 45% people suffers from diabetes, blood pressure, other heart diseases and migraine like diseases. India is now one of the centre of diabetes and blood pressure like diseases. Therefore, to avoid such type of diseases people should be aware of their daily diet and its pros and cons.

To bring a positive change towards all the health related problems, our people should take proper workout and other exercise as other countries does. If we can be ahead in this path than that of other countries, it will be better and in this regard we should regularly toil on this matter. So in this context, we should aware people about their daily diet and other such activities that can keep them away from the chronic diseases.

Economic Deficiency:

It is observed that the salary earned by a person in a middle class family ends by 20th of every month and rest of the month, he/she has to lead a miserable life. If we talk about life of a lower middle class family in this regard, it is too miserable than that of the middle class family because the income earned by these families are between Rs. 15000 to Rs. 30000 and also the source of income is very less. These families don′t have recurring source of income, if any member of such families are drugs addicted then the financial condition of such families become harsh. If in such a condition, these families come through an emergency case like medical treatment incase of an accident or severe health hazard, child education, marriage of his/her girl or any such issues where he/she has to spend a huge amount of money than such a condition break the backbone of such families as a result these families goes for financial loan from banks or from some person out of interest. Though there are many such insurance companies those who are trying to support in this regard but this is not able to fulfill the total need of money that person needs. It means insurance agencies are not enough to fulfill all the needs of that person. This debt also hinders a lower middle class family to come up his or her financial condition and he or she thus remains in a poor condition. It is also observed that in some lower middle class families almost all the able to work male and female members remain unemployed.

Education :

Children of both middle class and lower middle class families now-a-days are unable to afford the high fees demand of private schools in our country. Though the parents are keen to send their children to such private schools but due to lots of expenditure on fees and other issues they try to make a distance from these schools because they know that they can not match the high price demand of these schools due to their meager income. Therefore, we have to work for it and have to try to facilitate those middle and lower middle class families to come over these problems. Also we have to give importance on vocational courses for the youth so that they can implement it to earn money in future. Due to lack of proper vocational training or vocational education we face more of educated unemployed now-a-days. It′s true that there are many such vocational training institutes in India but they are all organizational based means the person has to go to a company to implement those skills but he/she cannot implement it for himself or herself. If the youth mass can get proper vocational training that they can implement in their future for themselves or to maintain their and their family′s life then it can change their economic standard. The vocational training to youth can also supplement Government′s scheme of Make in India and Skill India Mission.

The need of the hour is to continuously work upon all these issues not only by an individual or by the single organization but also it needs help and co-operation of one and all individual and in continuous manner till we reach the zenith and fulfill the dream to make India a happy and prosperous country in all the fields. The ambition of UOPS is to inspire all the people towards patriotism among all the individuals in India and to work in an organic way by holding each others hand and by helping each other to reach to goal of happy and prosperous India.

Solution to Overcome :


UOPS in its monthly seminars will aware people about the tips to keep one′s health in good condition by maintaining proper diet, exercise and meditation. Also it will aware people how to generate income to keep a sound economic standard. It will also inform people about various Govt. schemes in this regard and other social responsibilities towards our society.

Education :

UOPS cares for the literacy of the children because it believes if the children can get well education with practical knowledge then the future of India can be changed socially and economically. Therefore, it attempts to impart education to the poor and needy children with the lowest minimum monthly fees.

Financial Help:

UOPS through crowd funding raise a helping hand towards its members. Through crowd funding it will try to help financially its members those who need to pay medical bills incase of an accident or any medical emergency if they are not in a stage to afford. It also helps for the child education of its members and also financial help during the marriage of girls of its members if the member is not in a stage to bear the cost.

Startup Business:

UOPS helps one to implement one′s dream of entrepreneurship into a reality by helping both financially and other possible ways that it can do.

Women Empowerment:

UOPS also helps its women through providing other short term income generation by linking Self Help Groups with them. Due to this link, our women members can sell the prepared products by Self Help Groups under the brand name of UOPS in the market. UOPS in interval organize different SHG Product Melas to sell it′s product in various cities of Odisha.

Service to Motherland:

Since UOPS respect and truly admire patriotism, so each member of UOPS family is liable to pay total 2% of its commission amount i.e. towards F-INSAS Program of Indian Army (1% of total commission amount) and also towards poor children education ( rest 1%).

What is F-INSAS Program ?

F-INSAS is India′s program to equip it′s infantry with state-of-the-art equipment. F-INSAS standing for Future Infantry Soldier As System. However, the Indian army has decided to drop the F-INSAS in favour of to separate programs. The new program will have to components one to arm the future infantry soldier with the best available assault rifle, carbines and personal equipment such as helmet and bullet proof vests. The second component is the Battlefield Management System (BMS).

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